Your Privacy on Social Media Platforms


Social Media FYI


This week, I came across an adorable little video on a certain giant social media site and colossal gatherer of user data.

The name of this for-extreme-profit corporation will remain anonymous.

The video states that images posted via on the site in question belong to you and not the company.

That’s reassuring. Thanks.

But what goes unsaid are the company’s current terms and user agreements.

Here is a concise summary of how your information is shared using this service.

This information comes directly from the corporation’s Data Policy, not the energetic little cartoon girl.

  • Setting your photo or video as ‘Public’ means that this information is available to anyone on or off the service. That means, it can be seen or accessed through online search engines, APIs, or offline media.
  • People you share and communicate with can download and re-share content about you with others on and off the platform without your knowledge.
  • When you use third-party apps, websites or other services that are integrated with this service, they may receive information about what you post and share.
  • Your information is shared within the family of companies that are part of this service. These companies include, Instagram, WhatsApp, Onavo, Moves, Atlas, Masquerade and Crowd Tangle.
  • Your information that personally identifies you i.e. your name or email address is not shared with its advertising, measurement or analytics partners unless... did you give them permission?
  • This service uses all of the information they have about you to show you relevant ads

We at NOS believe in great communication tools and apps, but also in our users privacy.  This is why all of our messaging apps; get2Clouds, LoveNotes, BotherU&Me, allow users to send encrypted messages and communicate in a protected bubble.  We do not read your data, use your data or sell your data in any way. That's your business, not ours.

If you are using social media platforms you should know that you can adjust your ad preferences and take some control of your experience.

Manage your Ad Settings preferences on your profile settings page. You can further control your information and privacy by specifically selecting what information other people see about you and what is shared with third party apps and websites.

Go to your Privacy Settings!