13 things your phone can do now that it couldn’t do in the 90s

2017-05-19 Fri

1. Messenger
The first phone to support SMS text message sending was released in 1993, yet the first phone with a full keyboard first came out in 1997, both were produced by Nokia. These days, there are Instant Messengers offering a range of security features so smartphone users don’t have to use SMS and they can keep their messaging private.

Hackers vs Corporations : Who Wants Your Data?

2017-05-11 Thu

First used in the 1960s, the word hacker used to describe a person who programmed or used computer code and had an advanced understanding of computers and networking, not somebody who was out to perform criminal acts using that knowledge. Twenty years after that, in 1981, Ian Murphy (aka Captain Zap) became the first man to be found guilty of hacking after he changed AT&T’s internal clocks and made daytime calls cheaper.

Samsung Announces Follow Up To Galaxy Note 7

2017-03-30 Thu
Last year the Galaxy Note 7 was in headlines all over the world due to numerous incidences of explosions and catching fire. Samsung had to recall all Galaxy Note 7 phones and cancelled production because of a battery fault which was causing the phones to combust. After the nightmare of 2016, the electronics company from South Korea has to mend its reputation with the latest release, and yesterday they announced a new flagship, the Galaxy S8. Like the Note 7, the S8 is a so called ‘Phablet’ (a phone and a tablet in one).

The Circle, Data Privacy and Why Encryption is Important

2017-03-22 Wed
Data privacy and security will be thrust once again into the spotlight with the release of a new film starring Emma Watson, John Boyega and Tom Hanks in April. The Circle is based on the novel by Dave Eggers and centres on a young tech worker with a new job at the world’s most powerful [fictional] internet corporation, called the Circle. The protagonist soon finds herself in a tricky situation which evokes debate about the internet, privacy and freedom.

Karneval, Carnaval, Pancake Day and Lent

2017-02-23 Thu

This coming week, there will be pre-Lenten, or ‘Shrovetide’, celebrations across the world. Lent is the period of 40 days (not including Sundays) leading up to Easter, this is the time of repentance and preparation for Christians. Many choose to fast during this time, and some simply choose to give up one thing in particular. Lent is a time of reflection and always begins on Ash Wednesday, which will fall on the 1st of March this year.