Securing a Smartphone Future

2017-07-18 Tue


Today’s Smartphones are offering some form of security option to allow their users access. The iPhone has the four digit Passcode, the Android has the swiping pattern, the Windows Phone has a numeric or text based password. These options all work, but are they secure? Or are they hackable?

Android O

2017-07-07 Fri

The latest operating system from Android is in beta and is expected to roll out by the end of the summer.

Although Google hasn’t named an official release date, if their updates for Android 6.0 (2015) and Android 7.0 (2016) are anything to go by, Android 8.0 will be here before we know it.

Selling Your Phone? Secure Your Data First

2017-06-26 Mon

When you trade in, sell or give your old handset to somebody you should delete all of your personal files on the device. Doing so can decrease the risk that somebody can commit identity fraud against you, steal and view your private pictures or read your emails and messages, leaking your business and personal secrets. However, if you simply do a factory reset or delete your files manually, there is still a chance your private files could be accessed and stolen.

Caller ID Blocker

2017-06-15 Thu

Here at NOS Apps we listen carefully to what our users say about our applications, whether it be a bug that needs fixing, ideas for new features or thoughts on existing functions of the applications, we love getting feedback from our customers.

Smombie, Phablet & FOMO: The Language of Tech

2017-06-07 Wed

The smart phone has become part of us, a vital organ which many of us can’t live without, an addiction which we can’t quit, a means to an end, a way to remember things and keep our lives on track. The mobile phone has changed not only the way we live our lives but also the way we speak and talk about things, aside from the obvious text speech (lol, omg, wtf, btw, atm) which have graced our SMS messages and online chats for the last couple of decades, there are now more and more new words coming into our spoken language, and not only in English.

13 things your phone can do now that it couldn’t do in the 90s

2017-05-19 Fri

1. Messenger
The first phone to support SMS text message sending was released in 1993, yet the first phone with a full keyboard first came out in 1997, both were produced by Nokia. These days, there are Instant Messengers offering a range of security features so smartphone users don’t have to use SMS and they can keep their messaging private.

Hackers vs Corporations : Who Wants Your Data?

2017-05-11 Thu

First used in the 1960s, the word hacker used to describe a person who programmed or used computer code and had an advanced understanding of computers and networking, not somebody who was out to perform criminal acts using that knowledge. Twenty years after that, in 1981, Ian Murphy (aka Captain Zap) became the first man to be found guilty of hacking after he changed AT&T’s internal clocks and made daytime calls cheaper.