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How It Works

get2Clouds® is the ultimate cloud security application.

File Sharing
File Sharing
File Storage
File Storage
Cloud File Explorer
Cloud File Explorer
Compatible with:
Google drive
Microsoft one drive

Secure your cloud - encrypt, sync & send sensitive files with get2Clouds®.

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E2E Secured Messenger

get2Clouds® messenger is not just end-to-end encrypted, you can also set messages to self-destruct using the timed delete function, set messages to send at a specific time, send voice messages, pictures, photos and emojis. If you want to keep your real phone number private, or if you don’t have a SIM card, just set a unique 555 number to start using the messenger.

File Transfer

Transfer large files by sending a secure download link either via the secure E2E messenger within get2Clouds® or via email.

Private Cloud

Create a profile for your private cloud, so that you can secure your personal files by encrypting them before you synchronize with the cloud.

Corporate Cloud

Alternatively, sign into your business cloud and create a Corporate Cloud profile. Keep separate cloud profiles for business and private use.

File Manager

Manage the files on your device, create new folders and keep your data better organized with the File Manager.

File Sharing

File Sharing
Transfer large files to clients, colleagues, associates & friends safely & securely using encryption. get2Clouds® sends a secure download link via email to your chosen recipient. There is no limit regarding file size; get2Clouds® offers the best performance even when transferring big files.

You have the option to use a unique encryption password when you send data, ensuring privacy on the receiving end too. The recipient will have to enter this password before they can access the protected files. You can share this password with them using the secured messenger within the app. Everything you send within the messaging app is end-to-end encrypted.


File Storage

File Storage
Use get2Clouds® as a file manager to synchronize & back up important data to your cloud. The transfer manager will automatically encrypt your files before they are synced with the cloud. Private end-to-end (E2E) encryption makes interception by anyone other than the user near impossible. Even the cloud provider will not be able to access the data. You will only be able to decrypt the files with your get2Clouds® profile.


Cloud File Explorer

Cloud File Explorer
View, manage & clean content on your cloud accounts using the search function.



  • All data is encrypted, including file names and category definitions.
  • Data is encrypted using AES with a key size of 256 bits.
  • File transfer links only work once; they become invalid after the first successful download.

How to ...


How to Send sensitive file


How to Receive sensitive file


How to Sync sensitive file


  • Open the email which you have received from get2Clouds®.
  • You will be able to see the email address, name of the sender & a message they have left for you.
  • Click the download link to open get2Clouds® & start the download instantly.


  • With get2Clouds® you can have an extra layer of security for your cloud files.
    Use it either for work or for your personal cloud by setting Profiles under Private Cloud or Corporate Cloud.
  • Select or search for the folder you’d like to upload to the cloud.
  • Press the Sync button to sync the folder content & upload it to your cloud account.
  • The File Transfer Progress is displayed.
  • Press the Clear button to delete all content from the selected cloud account.
  • Press the Search button to search for content.
  • Press the Checkbox button to mark individual files to copy, cut, delete or rename. You can also mark all files.


  • Set your profile by signing into your cloud & click file transfer.
  • Fill in your name & email address.
  • Fill in the name of the receiver & their email address, or choose them from your address book.
  • Add a message for your receiver.
  • Choose the file which you wish to send.
  • Click Start Upload.

The file will transfer in seconds; an email with a download link will now be sent to the recipient.