How do I set my device to mute or unmute at a specific time?

In the app menu you can select a daily time to mute or unmute your device. This is particularly useful if you do not want to be disturbed whilst you are sleeping, or at work, etc. This function can be overridden at any time with one click on the MuteIt Widget.

Remember the “Macs don’t get viruses” mantra? Well, it’s never been more wrong

2020-02-19 Wed
Apple not so secure
Historically, malware was never much of an issue with Macs because hackers had no interest making viruses that affected Steve Jobs’ delicious Apples. No, they only wanted to break the Windows of old man Gates. Well, those are well and truly bygone days of yore as a newly published report by Malwarebytes reveals that Mac threats have increased by a staggering 400% from 2018 to 2019, outpacing Windows by nearly two to one in threats per endpoint.