Huawei has an AI Chip

2017-09-05 Tue
Huawei has an AI Chip


Earlier this week at the IFA in Berlin, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Electronics Division, presented their newest mobile device, the Kirin 970, announcing its incredible feature.

The new Huawei Smartphone now has a specially designed Artificial Intelligence Chip!


Mobile AI is here!

Data Security From A to Z

2017-08-28 Mon

At NOS Apps, we think the most important step in securing your digital privacy is awareness. That´s why we are dedicated to spreading the word, providing useful and insightful blogs, to help you inform yourself of possible risks, threats and strategies for protection and take the necessary measures to ensure you are safe online.

Android 8: The Total Eclipse Countdown

2017-08-21 Mon

August 21st 2017

It has been nearly 99 years since the last total solar eclipse swept across the United States of America, and today sun will disappear again, covering the country in darkness for around two minutes.

On the Pacific coast, the eclipse will begin at around 9am and finish at around 11:40am, reaching totality at about twenty past 10. On the East coast, the eclipse will start at 1:15pm, end at around 4pm and peak at around 2:40pm. This is also the time that Google has chosen to reveal their latest operating system: Android 8.0

Securing a Smartphone Future

2017-07-18 Tue


Today’s Smartphones are offering some form of security option to allow their users access. The iPhone has the four digit Passcode, the Android has the swiping pattern, the Windows Phone has a numeric or text based password. These options all work, but are they secure? Or are they hackable?

Android O

2017-07-07 Fri

The latest operating system from Android is in beta and is expected to roll out by the end of the summer.

Although Google hasn’t named an official release date, if their updates for Android 6.0 (2015) and Android 7.0 (2016) are anything to go by, Android 8.0 will be here before we know it.

Selling Your Phone? Secure Your Data First

2017-06-26 Mon

When you trade in, sell or give your old handset to somebody you should delete all of your personal files on the device. Doing so can decrease the risk that somebody can commit identity fraud against you, steal and view your private pictures or read your emails and messages, leaking your business and personal secrets. However, if you simply do a factory reset or delete your files manually, there is still a chance your private files could be accessed and stolen.